How we work

bet (22)The Trust is administered in the UK by a group of Trustees spanning a range of disciplines and experience of education and Lesotho. Every couple of years a UK Trustee visits Lesotho to work with our partners , to consult on needs and to visit schools and students. The last visit was in 2016 by Trustee Graeme Shaw (you can read an account of his visit in our 2017 Newsletter).

In Lesotho we have an administrator, Motselisi Hlubi, who organises the work of the Trust such as keeping the accounts and paying school fees. She works with an advisory body consisting of Basotho men and women with experience of vocational education and employment. They select students for support each year according to available funding from the UK and monitor the work of the Trust by visiting schools and colleges.

Basotho young people seeking grants for vocational school fees at the six schools where we operate should write to Motselisi Hlubi, PO Box 43, Leribe 300, Lesotho.

The Community of the Holy Name (CHN), an Anglican Order of Sisters based in the UK and Lesotho, has an active role in the Trust, having been the host for the original groups of students visiting in 1982. They are represented in both the UK Trust and Lesotho advisory group and make their Lesotho resources available to facilitate the workings of the charity. Sister Jean Mary, a CHN Trustee of BET, brings fluency in Sesotho.

The Trust keeps in touch with its supporters via its Annual Report, Annual Newsletter, mailing list and website. In Lesotho leaflets about the Trust are given to all supporters and students.

“I stand to say I could not have been where I am today had it not been through the Trustees who forwarded their support to me and others.”
BET-supported student

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